Explore the Design Launch Event Notes

Explore the Design Launch Event Notes

"These designs are so much more than just furniture. They’re iconic, statement pieces created to be felt, experienced, and remembered for years to come. Pieces that’ll be passed down to future generations and forever connected to your story." Nelli Hegi


Encapsulating a place where art and furniture entwine, Urania is an exploration of the inherent interplay between form and space.

In creating Urania, Pietro sought inspiration in the modularity of the classic DS-600 and reimagined it with a fresh and current touch which makes Urania an instantly iconic series.

Invoking shape, depth and texture alike, complex pattern design and luxury velvet further submerge the essence in colour.


What I try to achieve through my work is character, and at the same time classical which can survive time and fashion. I do that through forms, references and materials.”

— Pietro Franceschini

Showcased at the Beta Event Location in Sydney, Australia on the 19th of May, 2022, the collection represented a deepening of Hegi’s and Pietro’s continuing devotion to art and sculpture.


Bling Bling was designed to envelop guests in both art and earth. The Bling Bling collection, designed by Pietro and made exclusively by Hegi Design House, was inspired by Olympus, the majestic home of the twelve gods of Greek Mythology.

  The Six Variation Chair is designed by Pietro and made exclusively by Hegi Design House. These chairs are understated yet outrageous, sleek yet disarmingly comfortable.

Curated through a desire to both co-exist and create with the landscape, the Sphere collection is designed by Hegi and inspired by spherical architecture. These stunning structures are proof that timeless shape has never lost its allure with architects and the world at large. The sphere table is characterised by curiosity, playfulness and creativity.


Discover unexpected shapes that defy traditional forms. Collections of contrasts borne of an assemblage of influences: sculptural upholstery, dramatic shapes with unexpected pattern and unexpected material combinations, pieces created to be felt, experienced, and remembered.

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