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Sustainable furniture handcrafted in Australia

As designers and creators, we’re committed to conscious, mindful, and ethical production.

The importance of handcrafting our designs as sustainably as possible in an industry that’s almost forgotten its responsibility to the very materials it relies on is at the forefront of everything we do.

Sadly, furniture, just like fashion, has become disposable. In Greater Sydney alone, up to 48,000 tones of furniture is thrown away every year.

Poor quality pieces either don’t last or they’re cast aside and replaced just to keep up with trending aesthetics or the latest decor hack.

And as the quality of these pieces continues to drop, the rise of fast furniture will continue to soar, which is why we pledge to do, be, and provide better.


Buy once, buy well

When you buy from or co-create with us, you’re investing in an heirloom piece that’ll last a lifetime.

A piece you’ll feel intrinsically connected to, not just because of its design, comfort, and functionality, but also because from the moment it starts taking shape in our workshop, it’s part of your story, your memories, your moments.

So, we promise to always do our due diligence, respect the materials Earth provides, be transparent in our efforts, and contribute to a more sustainable future.


Connection to timber

Maintaining a connection to the timber we’re entrusted with and the forests that provide it is essential to us.

We take responsibility for tracing the roots of where and how our materials are obtained and strive to ensure that our entire supply chain uses sustainable practices to minimise the footprints we leave behind.

As part of that work, we’ve spent several years sourcing and building relationships with trusted suppliers who share our passion and urgency to protect all that Mother Nature provides.

  • We’ve partnered with Ecologi, so when you place an order, we plant 25 trees in your name in a location of your choice.

Minimal waste

From the office to the workshop, we’re always looking for ways to reduce waste and avoid single-use plastics.

  • Our steel is sourced in a way that’s specific to each piece meaning any waste is minimal and we donate what’s left over to a local steel sculptor.
  • We’re in the process of sourcing 100% recyclable/recycled packaging for shipping our furniture. 
  • Our smaller items are shipped in biodegradable mailers made in Australia.

When you choose Hegi, you can be confident that we do everything we can to ensure your finished piece is created consciously with our Earth’s future in mind.

Our collection is considered, thoughtful, and crafted with the utmost care because we understand the value, significance, and sentiment it’ll hold for your family.

We can’t wait to become part of your story.



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