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Sustainable, minimalist furniture that artfully teeters on the edge of outrageous

Hegi is a Sydney-based luxury brand that has become the benchmark and
frontrunner in the sector Made in Australia collectible furniture design. Hegi finds its roots in the creative, timeless, and playful designs, transforming high quality materials into unforgettable collectible pieces for high end environments which gives a significance to the ‘experience factor’ and ‘story behind’ of the design.

Our ethos is co-creation, sustainability, honesty, and exceptional craftsmanship.

We believe furniture is both art and an investment, and every piece is made to order which allows us to minimise our impact on the environment and connect with you on a personal level.

When you design with us, you become part of the making process, intrinsically connected to your chosen piece and its every edge and curve as they emerge.

We include you in every step, every decision, and every detail so you feel as though you’re right here in the workshop with us.

Furniture should be remembered, not just noticed

Instead, it’s become almost throwaway. Shoved in a corner and forgotten or used to hold worn clothes, car keys, and unopened mail.

Using sustainable materials, outstanding craftsmanship, and a unique sculptural aesthetic, Hegi pieces are designed to spark a love for intentionally-filled spaces.

Spaces that tell your story via statement, compelling furniture that lasts a lifetime.

Invest in memories

The Hegi experience offers a relaxed, holistic approach with a focus on sentiment, connection, and belonging. Together, we’ll create something truly unique and sentimental that’ll become part of your journey.


About Nelli + Juri

We’re a husband and wife duo who were both born in Kazakhstan and grew up in Germany.

I (Nelli) studied international business, majoring in art and marketing, and Juri studied fine furniture art. After travelling extensively and soaking up inspiration from all over the world, in 2013 I was offered an 8-month internship in Australia.

After a lot of deliberating, we went for it, and here we are almost 10 years later with a business we’re both so proud of, two beautiful little girls, and the most wonderful dedicated team supporting us in the workshop.

                         create couple stand in front of the fire place

Our designs are inspired by the art, architecture, landscapes, and fashion of both Europe and Australia, and we’d love to return to Almaty (Kazakhstan’s capital) one day to absorb more of its style.

At Hegi, crafting furniture is an opportunity to make something symbolic and significant. Our handcrafted, customer-involved approach to furniture design is intended to be felt and experienced, and we ensure that approach is weaved into every part of the making process.

 A man is sketching a template                  A man working on a timber feature piece for a chair

Ideate with us, sketch with us, make with us, then shake the hand of the team that brought it to life. That’s the Hegi experience.

We can’t wait to co-create with you.



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