How to design a home: 5 steps to customize your interior wish list:

How to design a home: 5 steps to customize your interior wish list:

Are you decorating your home or office? Tastes change over time, and the urge to scrap everything and start all over. Let’s step back and create an interior wish list, similar to a grocery wish list.

You must define your vision for your home. Remember your home or office reflects your personality and your love for design. Buying all furniture from one place will look one note.  Draw inspirations from different sources, books, Pinterest, interior magazines and get inspired by nature.

Get a feel for what you really like, what are you tired of looking at? Are there sections of your home or office that you avoid?


Go through every room and identify the following:

  • What items or décor do you want to keep?
  • What room or rooms make you feel calm?
  • What are the most chaotic/ junk rooms?
  • Where do you spend most of your time?
  • What do others say when they visit you?
  • What would you like people to say when they come to visit?

If you could sum up in one word/ sentence what would your style be?

Creating the right space for you heavily depends on a feeling or mood. How do you want to feel in your space, and then customise your interior wish list from there. You can identify your feelings when you’re inspired by being in someone else’s home or looking at pictures/ spending time with family and discussing what is important to them.


5 tips to streamline your interior design wish list:

  1. Basic Interior Design Items

What are the basics you need? Couch, chairs, dining room table, bed? Walk through your home / office and identify your basic list as you go!

  1. Pick your statement designs

What is the most expensive item you need and why? Is it furniture? Wall art? Should it be a collectible design?

  1. Choose Décor / Pieces That Will Make an Impact

When you walk through your home, notice where your eye naturally lingers. Curved walls, tall ceilings, lots of wall space focus on key pieces that will make the room pop.

  1. Know Your Numbers

Our business coach says this a lot, we believe it applies here too. Having a wish list is the key to knowing what you want, but a budget will be important, so you don’t give in to impulse purchases. Focus on the feeling you want to create and what meaning this piece will have to you. Divide the budget into categories: furniture, hardware, décor etc. this can often tell you what you really enjoy buying. “Do you love buying new bed linen every month?’

Make a list of every single item you might need and want, take photos of colour schemes in your home, measure every room, tables, couches etc. so when you are shopping online or out and about, you know your numbers!

  1. Declutter Before You Purchase

Learn how to declutter your home and make room for truly meaningful items. When it comes to your space, less really is more. You want your interior to shine and breathe, not suffocate because you saw a great set of items on sale that don’t have their own place in your home.

Whatever it is that you need to spruce up your space, do it with intention. Tailor it to your feelings, desires and enjoy your species in a brand-new way. If you need help designing your home of your dreams, consider hiring interior design studios or even an online interior designer.

    "Be a brutal editor of what you allow into your home. Ask yourself,” What does this piece mean to me?”

If you are looking for meaningful pieces here are some inspirations for you.