Hot Tips And Tricks How To Take Care Of Your Metal Furniture Pieces

Hot Tips And Tricks How To Take Care Of Your Metal Furniture Pieces

I hope you learned a lot in my last post listing all the tips and tricks we must take care of your timber furniture pieces! This time I’ll take you on the metal furniture cleaning journey.  

It can be tough to maintain and protect metal, as the material is affected by both air and moisture. All our unique design pieces are powder coated or brass plated for easy cleaning, but here’s a few of our top tips for maintaining your metal furniture so that it’s always looking its best. 

Our Top Tips: 

– Regularly wipe down the metal surface with a polishing cloth to keep the piece looking fresh. Keep in mind that you should always follow the motion of the material—just like when you’re vacuuming a rug or even patting your furry friends! 

– We recommend only using soft polishing cloths to clean and maintain your metal. Abrasive cloths will scuff and dull the surface over time. Additionally, when wiping down the surface use straight back and forth movements instead of circles to help maintain a uniform appearance and shine. 

– Do not use aggressive cleaners because they have the potential to destroy your beloved piece. As obsessive lovers of steel here at Hegi, we think this would be a disaster! 

– With time the surface of your metal piece will age naturally. If you wish to restore the surface to its original lustre, we encourage applying an appropriate metal cleaner, following the instructions carefully as outlined in the product guide. 

– For removing and preventing fingerprint marks and smudges on stainless steel we recommend using oil-based products such as baby oil. Or you could just never touch your furniture. Ever. 


Raw steel is a living material 

Your raw steel furniture items will change and evolve over time which is part of the beauty of them. This is a perfectly natural process and you should accept and indeed embrace such natural hallmarks that embody the charm of this noble material and display the authenticity of true craftsmanship. 

Brass plated designs 

Firstly, it’s important to note whether your furniture is brass or brass-plated to understand the best way to clean and maintain each piece. 

A simple trick to know whether or not a piece if completely brass is as easy as placing a magnet on it. If it does not stick, it’s brass. If it does stick, it’s brass plated. 

Our designs are all brass-plated and have a thin coating of lacquer to help protect the brass, so please be gentle when cleaning and stick to soap and water with a microfibre cloth to keep them looking their best. If you scrub too hard or use harsh chemicals on your brass furniture, you can actually take off the plating which would be devastating! That’s why it’s important to identify whether or not the brass is just a plating before you embark on any brass cleaning project. 


You can add life to your metal furniture by caring for each piece in the right way. Metal furniture is sturdy and will serve you many years of enjoyment if you take the time to properly learn about cleaning techniques—it’s super easy! Next up: you guessed it! Our next blog post will be all about leather and upholstery.