The Future Of Work Is Creative Collaboration

The Future Of Work Is Creative Collaboration

Collaboration is one of the hottest buzzwords in the design world right now, and for good reason. Working with people who have different perspectives or areas of expertise can often result in better ideas and outcomes.

Well, what does it mean? Put simply, collaboration means working together with other people to achieve a shared goal, whether it’s with people in your own business or others you seek out for their specific skills and/or knowledge.


While me might be big fans of working together now, back in the days of the 1950s and 60s, a lot of people from different industries weren’t so keen to share their knowledge because they were worried that their ideas would be stolen and they’d lose their jobs.  It’s the opposite these days, and now most people believe that collaborations have a higher home-run probability than working entirely solo because people now recognise that everyone is unique and there is more to be gained by sharing their knowledge rather than holding onto it with a lock and key.

Other people and businesses sometimes think they are our competitors and so we can’t work together, but this isn’t how we work; we are always seeking inspiration and collaboration from our peers. We believe that an exchange of ideas and concepts leads to the creation of greater things.

As a start-up, we rely heavily on connections. A collaborative mindset opens new ways to be exposed to networks of people which are important for young companies like our own to succeed. In my opinion, I believe that we can achieve anything with the right network and with the right exchange of talents, skills and ideas.

From personal experience, you can believe me when I tell you that by seeking out collaboration you will feel like you’re part of a team that’ll help to test your skills and motivate you to achieve things you’ve never even dreamed of.

So, what are the steps for collaboration? How do you start collaborating with someone? Find out in my next blog article.