Our Instagram Story Stickers

Our Instagram Story Stickers

This is how to use our Instagram story stickers:

Hegi Design House is a design studio brand expressing positivity and operating under the idea that there is no such thing as an impossible project. To reflect our good vibes and creativity, we have come up with our very own industry-specific stickers which will make your Instagram stories pop! The stickers are for free to download, and we hope you’ll enjoy using them. In this uncertain time it’s very important to us to stay positive and keep our creative spirit high as we know that working from home can be very challenging. We also think it’s a great time to encourage ourselves to think outside the box, so please tag us in your stories so we can see how you’re stay on top of your game and we can help to motivate each other!

#hegidesignhouse #hegicreative

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Hegi Team



This is how you use and install our Instagram story stickers on iPhones

Step 1

You can download the free stickers as a ZIP folder here. Before you can do that, you have to download the free app Unzip—you will need this app to be able to download the stickers.

Step 2

After you’ve downloaded the app, it’s time to download the stickers and save them in the Unzip app. Click on ‘bearbeiten’ and choose the downloaded stickers with a tick at the top left. The symbol in the middle in the menu is the button to click to unpack your stickers—just click it and save to your images library.

Step 3

Now, go to Instagram and upload a photo or video. Go back to your album and select one of the stickers on your photo album and select copy.

Step 4

Select copy and go back to your Instagram story and paste it. Ta-da!