Meet the creators | Alisa and Lysandra, al.ive body

Meet the creators | Alisa and Lysandra, al.ive body

Alisa and Lysandra first came to the attention of the Australian public after our appearance and triumphant win on The Block in 2013. Following this success, they founded Alisa and Lysandra Interiors working on bespoke residential and commercial projects, as well as creating their very own personal care range, al.ive body.


What is your favourite part of your work?

We are so fortunate to have a creative outlet that also happens to be our work. It is very rewarding to transform a client’s home into something that reflects their personality and everything they love! As interior designers, no day looks the same and it is truly amazing to witness our ideas come to life and bring so much joy to our clients.

We love your interior style, but there is a myth out there: mix and match is not possible with luxurious furniture; do you agree with that?

Mixing and matching luxurious furniture is certainly possible in our opinion. An interior that completely ‘matches’ will always fall a bit flat. Part of making a luxurious space feel unique is having certain materials that unite together in a way that is perfectly imperfect.

Now can you tell us more about al.ive? What was the inspiration for the name? What made you create these incredible products?

There is a lot of meaning behind the name al.ive body, but most importantly it’s inspired by our passion for environmental causes that help keep our planet “alive”. The idea for the al.ive body range was born after we struggled to source bathroom and kitchen styling products that complimented our interior design projects. al.ive body also incorporates the first initials of our names.          

What do you love about al.ive and do you use only al.ive products at home?

What we love about al.ive body is that I feel there is a little bit of us in each product. As sisters we work closely together to create products that we are both proud of. It was always a goal of ours to have a range of products that marries high-end design and integrity with the demands of the conscious consumer.

al.ive body features heavily in our homes, and as our product range expands, we are featuring more and more. 


Can you share with us some easy styling tips on how to style al.ive products?

al.ive body products look great styled in a countertop arrangement. For instance, in the bathroom, we suggest using a tray of your choice to create a vignette with your favourite al.ive body hand wash and lotion, along with an arrangement of flowers or a small plant. You can add other accessories like a candle or diffuser but remember to not overdo it!

Why do you think it’s the perfect Christmas gift?

We have carefully designed a Christmas range that has something for everyone, to sit alongside our staple range. We have spent a lot of time putting thought into our packaging making it a beautiful gifting experience for a loved one, or yourself.

What do you love about Christmas and have you ever experienced Christmas in Europe?

Neither of us has experienced a Christmas in Europe, but we both dream about having a white Christmas with our families. We have both been to Europe and have a great appreciation for all the different cultures, art, food and most importantly architecture - there is literally inspiration everywhere!

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