A Comprehensive Guide to a Successful Photoshoot for Small Brands

A Comprehensive Guide to a Successful Photoshoot for Small Brands

Photoshoots are significant investments for small brands. Over the past two years, we've embarked on numerous photoshoots, each offering a mix of valuable lessons and challenges. To help you make the most of your next photoshoot, we've compiled a checklist to ensure an incredible experience.

Start with a Mood Board: Begin with a mood board that conveys the essence and emotion you want your products to evoke. Focus on the feelings you want to convey rather than just the aesthetics. For instance, in our recent photoshoot, we aimed for a warm and welcoming atmosphere, with our furniture pieces taking center stage.


Plan Thoroughly: Plan your photoshoot meticulously by creating detailed spreadsheets or Instagram save folders filled with video ideas, photo concepts, and poses. Take control of your shoot by splitting it into different segments, such as part one in the studio and part two in a stunning location.


Select the Perfect Location: Be cautious when choosing a location. What you see on location rental websites might not always reflect reality. If possible, visit the location before booking to check for factors like lighting and accessibility. For a furniture brand, consider the ease of moving items, and ensure there's secure parking for your team.

Choose the Right Photographer: Your photographer is your closest ally on the day of the shoot. Consult with them to convey your mood board and vision. Ensure they understand how to capture the desired emotions and aesthetics. Here are some industry-leading photographers we've worked with: The Palm Co Nic Gossage Pablo Vega Alana Landsberry

Bring in an Interior Stylist: We've learned that it's essential to have a stylist. Juggling all the responsibilities during a photoshoot can be overwhelming. A stylist can focus on your vision, ideas, and source props e.g. ceramic, artworks, flowers, making sure they're returned safely. This allows you to concentrate on the shoot itself. They will take care of the aesthetic, feeling and make sure it is editorial (if you wish to get your pieces to be published in magazines). Our go to stylist: Claire Delmar and Kerrie-Ann Jones

Hire a Videographer: If your budget allows, bring in a videographer to capture the essence of your designs. Videos can tell a more compelling story than photos alone. Involve your videographer early in the process and work on a script together. Get your videographer to be proactive and give feedback and or make add more ideas. We love working with Jacob Beattie Media

Consider a Wardrobe Stylist: If you're including portraits and don't want to spend a fortune on clothing, a wardrobe stylist can help source outfits and manage returns. Life saver for us, our go to stylist is Styled by Mow

Don't Forget About Catering: Keep your team energized with nourishing food. Research catering options in advance to avoid last-minute stress. Pre-order wraps, grazing platters, salads, or healthy options for your team. Thank me later for this! 


Hire a Makeup Artist: Ensure you look and feel your best on the big day. Find a makeup artist who can make you feel incredible. Plan to get ready before the shoot starts, so you're prepared when your team needs you. Our favorites Nicola Johnson and Melissa Riccio

Other Considerations: Before the shoot begins, take photos of the rooms in the location. This will help you return everything to its original place. Have cleaning supplies, wipes, and garbage bags on hand. Be mindful not to use the homeowner's bins, as you might be charged. Handle furniture with care, as you'll be held responsible for any damage.

We hope this comprehensive guide helps you create an unforgettable experience for your upcoming photoshoots. With careful planning and the right team, you'll capture the essence of your brand in a way that resonates with your audience.

Love, Nelli xxx