TOP TIPS The Top Tips On How To Challenge Yourself in 2021?

TOP TIPS The Top Tips On How To Challenge Yourself in 2021?

It can be tempting to live our lives just staying in our comfort zone. After all, we have been living like that for years! But recently we discovered the value of challenging yourself and getting outside of our comfort zones. 

There are so many reasons to why it is important to challenge yourself... 

Firstly, you will discover that you are capable of things you didn’t think you were previously. 

By challenging yourself, you will also reach new goals you never would have previously thought to even reach for (true story, we would have never thought we would start a business in Australia). 

Sure, you could just stay in your comfort zone and never grow beyond that, and absolutely no one is going to force you out of it. But we promise you will be happy you took the leap! 

Our top tips on how to challenge yourself in 2021: 

1. Learn something new that interests you

This could be a new hobby, a skillset (it’s never too lateI need to learn CAD for example) or anything else that interests you.   

2. Wake up earlier in the morning

The morning can be a peaceful time to do things, like plan your day, meditate, do yoga, or just slowly sip a cup of coffee before the chaos of the day sets in. 

It’s also amazing how freaking productive your day can be if you start off on the right foot in the morning! 

3. Reach out to someone you look up to  

We have done this a lot—we admire a lot of makers and amazing stylists, interior bloggers, architects, motivational speakers and so on, so we often message them and either ask them if they went through a similar situation or if they can give us any advice. Let me tell you this, the worse what could happen is, that this person will not reply—and so what! There is no risk in reaching out.   




4. Create a vision board

At first glance, creating a vision board does not seem like something that would necessarily challenge you. But once you start, you will figure out that it really is! That is because creating a vision board requires you to do a couple of uncomfortable things. 

First, it forces you to create a vision for your future. If you have just been letting life lead you rather than leading your life, it might be scary to create a vision for what you want your life to look like. 

Second, creating a vision board forces you to confront your biggest goals each day. 

5. Ask for help 

Asking for help can be scary for a lot of people. Maybe you are like us and you’re a perfectionist and afraid of admitting to someone that you can’t do something just right. Or maybe you are afraid of looking stupid. Or even putting yourself out there or bothering someone. 

 There are so many reasons you might avoid asking for help, but most of us do find a reason. I challenge you to ask for help next time you are struggling with something!