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materials and finishes we use

It’s all about the finish. Below you will find the materials we use in-house.

Is nothing quite tickling your fancy? Don’t worry, we even design for the finickiest of clients. Did you want to change the size, upholstery, colours or something else? Feel free to discuss your specifications with us as we offer unique bespoke customisation on all our pieces to ensure each piece fits with your needs and space.

Contact us with any crazy ideas, we’re always happy to work with you.

timber and stone

American Oak

Also known as Northern Oak, Southern White Oak.

American white oak is a hardwood common throughout the eastern United States. Similar in colour and appearance to European oak, American white oak has light-coloured sapwood and a light to dark brown heartwood. White oak is mostly a straight grain with a medium to coarse texture, with longer rays than red oak. 

Victorian Ash

Also known as Mountain Ash, Alpine Ash.

Victorian ash is the trade name for two of the tallest hardwood species in the world. Victorian ash comprises three hardwood species: alpine ash, mountain ash and messmate and has quite a wide variation in colour mix Victorian Ash typically has a rather coarse texture, with a straight grain. The heartwood ranges from pale pink to yellowish brown. 


Also known as Black Walnut, American Walnut.

American black walnut is imported from eastern regions of North America. Its heartwood ranges from a golden to rich chocolate brown colour. American black walnut is a fine and generally straight-grained timber, but sometimes it has an attractive wavy or curly grain.

Black Oak

Our own make

We use American Oak but coated in a black finish by Rubio Monocoat which is a plant-based hard wax oil.  


Please always keep in mind that timber, being a beautifully raw, natural working material may vary in tone, finish and grain detail. Depth of colour varies according to source and grain structure of the timber. We commit ourselves to find sustainably-grown timber.


Our rock mate

Marble is a metamorphic rock composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite or dolomite. Choose from our leading supplier the colour you fancy the most.


Sparkly Chic Raw Polished

How about this polished stainless steel to reflect your magnetic personality? The smooth finish is striking and suitable for both the indoors and the outdoors. 

Dark Bliss Powder Coating

This is the darkest shade we offer and sets the tone for a deep and solid distinction against any colour you wish to pair it with. Hegi Design House’s signature powder-coating is added to ensure a smooth finish that is suitable for both in and outdoors. 

White Love Powder Coating

Bright and bold, this shade could not be whiter, we promise. Powder-coated to ensure a smooth finish and suitable for both the indoors and the outdoors. 

Gold Mine Brass Plating

Be prepared to shine with this stunning brass-plated option. The strong elegance of brass stands up to provide both a beautiful and durable architectural metal finish which is suitable inside and out. 

Evergreen Eucalypt Powder Coating

Eucalypt colour lovers. We have heard from you. When green is your thing, you’ll love this natural shade to complement your home. Powder-coated to ensure a smooth finish and suitable for both inside and out. 

Red Blusher Powder Coating

If you are wine lover, you’ll be drawn to the deep, classy shade of red named after Burgundy wine. Our signature powder-coating will ensure a smooth finish and will ensure your item is suitable both indoors and outside. 


Regularly wipe stainless steel down with the grain, not against, and try to keep it dry.


selected fabric and leather ranges by high end curated suppliers. 



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