Care Guide


We love caring for our products, and we hope you will too. Let’s face it; furniture is made to be used and we understand spills happen! However, don’t despair! All our products have been lovingly designed and built to last, so follow these simple steps to ensure that you can enjoy your Hegi Design House products for many years to come.


Please be advised that timber, being a natural material will have grain detail, colour and finishes that are subject to slight variation.

It is a natural quality of timber for contour alternations to occur – especially in warmer areas and in environments where temperatures change frequently from hot to cold. For example, when exposed to air conditioning or a wood fire heater. Given this, we ask that you carefully select the location for the product and be aware that environmental factors will influence your furniture.

– To maintain the condition on your timber, regularly wipe down with a soft, dry cloth (preferably microfibre) to remove dust and dirt.

– Do not use a wet cloth or leave spills to sit on the timber surface as these may warp your wood.

– Take care when placing unglazed ceramics on your timber as they may scratch the surface.

– If a spill occurs – wipe up with a damp cloth, followed immediately with a dry cloth to remove any excess moisture.

– Given the movable nature of timber, we recommend that you do not place hot and cold items directly on the surface. We recommend using coasters and trivets to avoid any permanent marks on the surface.

– Hegi does not recommend using cleaners or polishes as they may cause permanent damage.

Please note: liquids containing alcohol (e.g. nail polish) cannot be removed.

For the longevity of the piece, we recommend keeping out of direct/reflective sunlight as well as in contact with moisture/ liquid. Furniture should be placed where it is protected from outdoor elements.


– Regularly wipe down the metal surface with a polishing cloth to keep the surface looking fresh. Just the same as when you cuddle or stroke your furry friends, you wouldn’t do it backwards, just weird.

– We recommend only using soft polishing cloths to clean and maintain your metal. Abrasive cloths will scuff and dull the surface. Additionally, when wiping down the surface use straight back and forth movements, instead of circles, to help maintain a uniform appearance and shine.

– Do not use abrasive cleaners, they will destroy your piece. As obsessive lovers of steel, at Hegi, we think this would be a tragedy.

– With time the surface will age naturally. If you wish to restore the surface to its original lustre, we would encourage applying an appropriate metal cleaner, following the instructions carefully as outlined in the product guide.

– Oil-based products such as baby oil are great for removing and preventing fingerprint marks and smudges on stainless steel. If you’re more serious about your steel, there may even be fancier products on the market. Clearly, another option would be to never touch your piece. Ever.

Important: Keep metal dry to prevent tarnishing which can dull or destroy the surface.


To keep the condition of your fabric or leather pristine, we recommend you regularly remove dust and dirt from your upholstered furniture.– An easy way of removing dust is to vacuum your fabric upholstered items frequently. Ensure you use the soft brush vacuum nozzle when cleaning to avoid damaging the fabric or leather.– The occasional use of a lint remover may be necessary on any fabric-covered item, to remove the fuzz, dust and lint that develops with use.– With leather-upholstered items, over time the surrounding waxes will blend and develop a ‘worn in’ appearance which is a natural and beautiful feature that adds texture to your leather.To keep your leather in ideal condition, always guard the leather against direct sunlight and never place it near heat sources such as fireplaces and radiators.



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